A Little Drink


Scary, hairy, lairy, quite contrary, Mariah Carey,

And smelly widescreen-telly, petroleum-jelly-belly R Kelly,

Went for a little drink.

“Scary, weary, low-fat-dairy Mariah Carey?”, said R Kelly.

“Yes, R Kelly, my tagliatelle, my Nelly, my Fonzarelli?”

“How did we, both you and me, get so very weird?”

“The thing you see, with you and me,” said hairy Mrs Carey.

“Is that we sing, you see, that R&B and people find it scary.”

And you like to piss on teenagers.

Delhi-belly, tagliatelle, Fonzarelli-jelly R Kelly said:,

“Ah yes, contrary, lairy, hairy, scary Mariah Carey.”

Good point.

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